This website is designed to offer current information and all efforts are made to insure the accuracy of its content. It is not meant to be an exhaustive or authoritative source for all concussion information but is intended to provide details related to the unique contributions that Neuropsychology can offer to comprehensive and progressive concussion management. 

Prompt medical attention should be sought if there is any reason to suspect a more severe brain injury, in the presence of prolonged symptoms or if there is any deterioration in presentation. 

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For more details regarding references and statistics cited you are encouraged to access the information directly through the following links:

Concussion in Sports Group (Berlin, 2016)


CDC (2017) - Heads Up

National Athletic Trainers Association (2014). Position statement: Management of sports-related concussion.

Baseline schedules

National Federation of High School Associations Information on concussions (2009)

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