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Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) is a computer-based battery of tests developed specifically for assessing sport-related concussion.  It has demonstrated reliability and validity and is hard enough to be challenging for adults while understandable enough for even pre-teen athletes to complete. 
The computer program measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning, including attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, response variability, and several facets of verbal/visual memory. The program also consists of a self-report symptom questionnaire (20 symptoms typically associated with concussion) and a concussion history form that precedes the neuropsychological measures. The entire program is a user friendly, web-based program that can be administered by a parent, team coach or athletic trainer with minimal training. Reaction time is reliably measured to one-thousandth of a second across individual test modules (ten modules total) and allows for an assessment of processing speed as the player fatigues. The test battery consists of a multitude of alternate and equivalent forms by randomly varying the stimulus array within each module. This directly addresses the issue of practice effects that have limited the utility of traditional neuropsychological tests. Overall time of baseline administration is approximately 25 minutes. Data is then stored securely on the ImPACT© server and is available to the trained clinicians who conduct post-injury evaluations.


If there is ever a point in an athlete’s career when their future in sports is in question because of repeated concussions then continuity of data will be critical in providing the crucial information needed to make the most informed decision possible. Moreover, using what professional athletes use just makes good sense. 



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